Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm gonna name

So hello there blog, post, whatever you call it, maybe blogpost? Ha. Okay so today was another pretty good day. School was ya know school. Then some of the youth, about ten of us hi-me said, went and put out about 300 bags in Chapelwood to collect for the Ark. Which I absolutely love doing! I wish we worked there much more often. I'm not gonna lie it was pretty hot, but I'm glad I had Kari and Tyler, it was fun. I even learned something new! Then church, was awesome. We did skits at the beginning and me and Mrs.Kristen and Tyler were in a group acting out something. It was hilarious. Then ya had the message. So who are you imitating? Christ or satan? Remember if you love the world and serve the world, you love satan and serve satan. So, I think it's about bed time. Gotta get well rested so I can dissect a shark tomorrow! Exciting!! Not. Oh wait I almost left out something, dinner tonight was fun, me, the twin(kari) and reeebs went out to La Bamba and it was fun. Great night. Time to end it. Goodnight :)
About 25 more days til camp I think :))

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