Monday, February 14, 2011

God's Love.

Sometimes, I am just so amazed by God's love. He loves us so much, and we do not deserve it. He paid the biggest price for us, and we still sin against Him, but He still does more and forgives us. He casts our sins as far as the east is from the west! How awesome! He truly blesses us with sooo much. Friends, family, a church and more. We should just fall on our knees and worship at how much he did and continues to do for us. We go through period of times where we don't want to go to church, or don't have a desire to read our bible, or even pray, but He is ALWAYS there to welcome us back with loving arms. He loves us more than anyone could EVER love us and gives us the best gift anyone could ever give us on Valentines Day, our birthday, or Christmas. He allows to be able to live with Him for eternity instead of burning in the pit of Hell. God's love is truly amazing, and by far the best love we can have.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School is almost over.

Only about 1 exam to go until I am a sophmore :) Woot woot, and also I am 1 exam away from all-nighters watching disney movies, sleeping in until about 12..maybe later.. and a great summer. There are officially about 12 hours and 15 minutes until the day we leave to go to camp It will be amazing. Today was blah. Got up about 10:45, took a shower, went to subway, then school. I had to take a 6th period exam and it was pretty easy, pretty sure I made an A. I had a really nice conversation with Mrs.Clark during seventh period. It's pretty cool to talk to someone who has the same beliefs you do. Today has also been kinda emotional for me today. Very emotional kinda. But, going to Mrs.Jame's and watching an amazing episode of Glee got my mind off of it :) Speaking of Glee, tonight was GREAT! I love that show. Then we watched some American Idol, btw Go Lee! I really hope he wins, he deserves it. Also it's the last week of Experiencing God, and it has been so good. I have learned alot of stuff out of it, and God has showed me some things. for example, the most important realationship you have is the one with God, which so often we wanna worry about other realtionships. Also, do what God tells you to do, if you miss out, you're gonna look back and be like man I shoulda really listened to God. And, waht you do reveals what you believe. You're actions reaveal so much. Well it's 11:49p.m. and I am super tired, goodnight :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm gonna name

So hello there blog, post, whatever you call it, maybe blogpost? Ha. Okay so today was another pretty good day. School was ya know school. Then some of the youth, about ten of us hi-me said, went and put out about 300 bags in Chapelwood to collect for the Ark. Which I absolutely love doing! I wish we worked there much more often. I'm not gonna lie it was pretty hot, but I'm glad I had Kari and Tyler, it was fun. I even learned something new! Then church, was awesome. We did skits at the beginning and me and Mrs.Kristen and Tyler were in a group acting out something. It was hilarious. Then ya had the message. So who are you imitating? Christ or satan? Remember if you love the world and serve the world, you love satan and serve satan. So, I think it's about bed time. Gotta get well rested so I can dissect a shark tomorrow! Exciting!! Not. Oh wait I almost left out something, dinner tonight was fun, me, the twin(kari) and reeebs went out to La Bamba and it was fun. Great night. Time to end it. Goodnight :)
About 25 more days til camp I think :))

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I dont't know what to name this.

So today was pretty good. We had our Honors Ceremony and I recieved an award for Outstanding Effort in Honors Alegbra 1.It made me happy, even tho I was nervous walking across the gym in front of everyone and me almost starving during it. Only 13 more days of being a freshman then I will be a sophmore. I'm pretty excited I guess. It will be kinda weird to see a younger class in the school. So.. also I am kinda ticked I didn't get to go to Experiecing God, which is an amazing bible study that a few of the youth are doing. I was pretty upset because last weeks devotions were amazing to me an I didn't get to share it with the others! Boo. Only about 26 more days until summer camp and I am pretty stoked!!! I cannot wait to see all my camp folks! Well time to hit the sheets. Night :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Post!

So this is my very first post...on my very first blog...I'm not sure what to do on this but I guess I just write stuff about my life? Lol. So I pretty much got a blog because my friends have one and I thought, "Oh, It would be cool to have one." So anyway. I will probably write more on here. Lol well whenever I figure out how to. Ha.