Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I dont't know what to name this.

So today was pretty good. We had our Honors Ceremony and I recieved an award for Outstanding Effort in Honors Alegbra 1.It made me happy, even tho I was nervous walking across the gym in front of everyone and me almost starving during it. Only 13 more days of being a freshman then I will be a sophmore. I'm pretty excited I guess. It will be kinda weird to see a younger class in the school. So.. also I am kinda ticked I didn't get to go to Experiecing God, which is an amazing bible study that a few of the youth are doing. I was pretty upset because last weeks devotions were amazing to me an I didn't get to share it with the others! Boo. Only about 26 more days until summer camp and I am pretty stoked!!! I cannot wait to see all my camp folks! Well time to hit the sheets. Night :)

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